Light, so fundamental to our existence as we know it on earth, might seem simple; but its complexity still gives scientists pause for further thought and study. Visible light is a small but powerful part of the electro-magnetic spectrum and is delivered to our biology in day/night cycle (diurnal). In short, all life on earth evolved and is run by this cycle. The larger part of the light (electromagnetic spectrum) is not visible to the human eye. Until just over 150 years ago, there were only natural background levels, particularly in the frequencies below visible light. Electricity, radio and TV, microwaves (think communications like cell phones) all operate in these spectrums.

We are electric beings living in an electric universe.

Where does light come into coaching? 1. In relation to health, one could learn and study about light and health, our food supply and the effects of our modern devices. 2. As a contemplative study, one could medititateon light - many spiritual practices include this.

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Everything is energy - visible and invisible Even the most solid material is realy energy(light) slowed down - E=MC2. Energy is all around us and has been the curoisity of mankind since ancient times through all cultures: acupuncture, yoga, shaman practices, Reiki, Qigong to name a few.

Energy is our essence.

Energy needs are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is relevant to coaching in that: 1. The client might bring their own energy desires and goals to the sessions. 2. The coach astutely watches the clients energy for clues for greater understanding. 3. The coach may ask permission to include experiments during a session which might reveal energy insights to the client.


Cultivating and applying “Presence” is a foundational part of my coaching sessions. I invite my clients to engage in “presence” as well, I think of it as being fully aware, moment-to-moment, sensing, being open and non-judgmental to what may arise from that spacious place of “all is possible.”

Presence is akin to mindfulness and is cornerstone of meditation.

In teaching and practicing yoga for 30 years, I’ve seen first hand how important practice is. The same can be said about the practice of presence. Most of us live in the head, disconnected from the body. Every cell in our body has intelligence. By practicing presence, we drop into the body — the heart or perhaps the gut. Insights might be subtle currents or, there might be insights that arrive loud and clear —clarity

“The material body has a practical reality that is accessible. It is here and now, and we can do something with it. However, we must not forget that the innermost part of our being is also trying to help us. It wants to come out to the surface and express itself.”

-Yogachara B.K.S. Iyengar

For further infomation about mindfulness practice

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